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    "Hey Jigani, how are you feeling?" Margaret asks the monocular.
    "Not bad, to be honest. I'm able to move around alright. I can't thank everyone enough for helping me get better, but what's up?" Jigani rises from the couch to face Margaret.
    "Well...I have some information that I found out recently involves us both," Margaret answers.
    "Oh?" Jigani is confused.
    "Let's step out and chat for a little bit," Margaret suggests, only to then be stopped by a concerned Oecilla running to obstruct the front door.
    "No way, Jigani's not ready to take willy-nilly strolls yet!" Oecilla objects to Margaret's idea.
    "Let me guess, you want to join, yes?" Margaret asks with a smirk. Oecilla's expression quickly morphs from angry to embarrassed.
    "W-what?! No, I-I'm just concerned is all!" Oecilla stammers.
    "You know, you can come too, Oecilla. T'would be interesting to see how you take the news as well," Margaret continuously invites the tripod.
    "Yeah, Silla, just come along! Besides, I have to get some exercise," Jigani pressures.
    "Well...if it's so important, I suppose I can allow it this once, and I will gladly come with," Oecilla pretends to give in.

    "So here's the thing. A few years ago, you guys were orphans, right?" Margaret asks the couple. Jigani and Oecilla nod simultaneously and affirm. "Well do you know anything at all about your parents?" Margaret asks both again.
    "Not at all," Oecilla responds.
    "I...think I remember seeing my mother once when I was first born, but I don't remember what she looks like at all," Jigani explains.
    "That's understandable," Margaret tells.
    "So what's this about, anyway?" Oecilla asks, becoming irritable.
    "Patience, Oecilla, I'm getting to that," Margaret begins, "So when I was younger, I had this strange childhood. Like...I always knew who my mother was and stuff, but the father aspect was rather confusing for me,"
    "How do you mean?" Oecilla asks with interest.
    "Well, my mom was with two different guys since I've been born, and she never really went into details on which man was my biological father. I was born out of wedlock, so my parents weren't married at the time. It also didn't help that I took my mom's last name as well, but here's where it gets weird. Six years later, I remember my mother being pregnant, but I never got to see who my brother or sister was. Finally, I had to have a one-on-one with my mom, and here's what I learned:
    Margaret dear, I know that your childhood has been confusing, what with the extra appendage and my love life, but let me clear everything up for you. Firstly, your father is the man who I am currently with. We were dating and we had you, but we broke up for a while and saw other people. The other man that I dated was the reason I was pregnant when you were six. Technically, you have a sister--a half-sister, but I gave up the baby for adoption because...well many reasons! I felt that something must have been wrong with me being that I've given birth to two children who have had abnormalities! At this point, I'm ashamed of myself, and I wish that I was a much better parent then than I am now. I don't think I would have been as foolish...I did end up getting back with your father after your sister's father and I broke up, and we finally got married.

    I...I have a sister? What did you name her?

    You do. I named her Jigani. I came up with this name before she was born. I wanted to keep all of our names three syllables. There's something I find really symbolic about threes, and now that I look back, Jigani really was a beautiful baby--same purple hair as mine, but I am deeply sorry for all of the trouble and confusion I've caused. Please Margaret, please forgive your mother for her past decisions...if you can't now, I hope you could in the future.

    "And so I had to tell you when I got the chance. I knew there was some reason I felt a connection to you somehow, but I figured it was just my fascination with the supernatural," Margaret explains. The group is silent for a few seconds.
    "So, all this time...I actually had a family?" Jigani slowly asks, staring at the ground.
    "On a biological standpoint yes, but I wouldn't say so as far as raising goes," Margaret answers.
    "And you and me, we are sisters?" Jigani asks again.
    "Yes, half-sisters, but I don't want you believing that Sakura and Michi aren't your caring parents. I only wanted to make sure I told you the things you didn't know. It's okay if you're willing to think of me as a half-sister, but I don't want you leaving a loving family," Margaret explains.
    "This is all so crazy! Do you honestly expect Jigani to just believe sudden news of her biological family after she's known nothing about them for all of these years?" Oecilla yells. Margaret shakes her head.
    "Oecilla, I don't. Like I said before, Jigani's parents are the Wakobe's. They are the ones who are willing to love and take care of her as their own daughter, but this information that I received from my mom was also stuff that I didn't know as a child. I'm just glad that my suspicions and confusions have finally been cleared up after all these years, and that I thought it was fair of me to relay this information to my newly-revealed half-sister," Margaret calmly explains.
    "Margaret, this is all so much so sudden, but I truly thank you so much for letting me know of this," Jigani quickly hugs Margaret tightly.
    "It had to be done. My childhood may have been confusing, but I felt you had it worse off than I did, and for that, I am sorry," Margaret apologizes, gently patting Jigani on the back.
    "No, it's not your fault at all! Tell me one thing though."
    "Yes, Jigani?"
    "What is Mother's name?"
    "Solana...and you look a lot more like her than I."


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