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    "Was that a knock?" Kasekimaru asks his sister in confusion as he briskly walks down the hall.
    "I believe so. Let me check," Yoshino replies, approaching the front door and looking through the peephole with her right eye. She smiles.
    "So? Who is it?" Kasekimaru asks again. Instead of answering her excited younger brother, Yoshino opens the door to be greeted by not only by Sara and Tsudouri, but Sakura and Michi as well.
    "Hiya Yoshino-san! Hiya Kaseki-kun!" Tsudouri waves at the Kujira family.
    "Konnichiwa, Kujira kazoku," Sakura and Michi simultaneously say and bow.
    "Why hello everyone! What a pleasant surprise! Please come in!" Yoshino greets the Wakobe family, hand-signalling for them to enter the home. "Kasekimaru, could you prepare the tea?"
    "Of course, Sis," Kasekimaru nods excitedly as he runs to the kitchen.
    "Wow, do ya think Kaseki is really glad to see us?" Sara jokes with her sister.
    "Of course he is! And we're happy to see'em as well," Tsudouri answers.
    "It's truly been a while, hasn't it Yoshino-san? How have you been?" Michi asks.
    "Yeah it's been some time. Everything's fine for now. No death threats or unwelcome visits since that crazy event. What's most surprising is you all visiting us! Yoshino smirks.
    "Well, Michi and I were thinking a few days ago about how we never come to visit you. It really is impolite and unfair of us, so we decided to drop by today. Of course, the girls weren't going to miss this opportunity, so here we are!" Sakura explains.
    "Oh don't think much of it! Kasekimaru and I are indeed really glad that you've come though. I haven't felt joy of such caliber in a very long time,"
    "Which is why we had to come by!" Tsudouri begins, Kasekimaru bringing in a tray with four cups of tea and setting it on the center table, "It's really easy to get caught up in things you're doing at home all the time. The days have been flying and crazy things have been happening, but there are some times where you just have to stop what you're doing and set aside time for friends--the friends you don't see so frequently."
    "Tsudouri has become very observant lately. It's made us think about how we live each day. Sakura and I don't really go anywhere ever during the day anymore, and with Sara, Tsudouri, and Jigani's friends visiting frequently, no one really goes anywhere. Well, except for Jigani," Michi tells.
    "How is Jigani by the way? I heard about the impact she took on that day, which I couldn't be sorry enough for..." Yoshino asks with remorse.
    "Relax, Ms. Yoshino. It was in no way your fault. Your tool of an uncle just needed another excuse to involve us. I'm sure that's what he wanted. Jigani's fine though. She recovered pretty quickly and was out the house in no time," Sara explains, trying to avoid the knife-cutting glare of Michi.
    "Especially now that she's out on dates," Kasekimaru chimes in with a large grin.
    "My,my...Jigani's seeing someone now? Looks like the kids of today move fast!" Yoshino reaches for a cup of tea, just now noticing that Kasekimaru brought out only four cups. "Kaseki, did you mean to only bring out four cups?"
    "Y-yeah, they tend to share a cup between each set of them," Kasekimaru nods.
    "Well...are you sure it will be enough?" Yoshino directs her question at the Wakobe's.
    "Your brother's right, Ms. Yoshino. We usually only share one cup between us," Michi nods.
    "That's right!" Tsudouri also answers.
    "Then I guess I owe you an apology, little brother," Yoshino apologizes.
    "Sis, you worry soooooo much. I-I definitely see where I get it from," Kasekimaru grins. Sakura giggles.


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