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    "The tea is ready!" Tsudouri informs as she and Sara set the tray of six cups and the teapot on the den table in front of the group. Jigani is lying on the couch head propped on the armrest while everyone else is seated on the carpet. Everyone carefully grabs a cup.

    "Hey wait a minute, either I'm bad at counting or there are two cups missing," Margaret notices.
    "Oooh iie, this is what the girls and we always do," Sakura starts.
    "We figured there's really no need to make four cups when we can make two," Michi finishes.

    "We're usually full by the end of one cup," Sara adds.

    "Aaah, I understand," Margaret nods, slowly taking a sip of her tea.

    "Don't drink too fast OK Jigani?" Oecilla worries.

    "It's fiiiine, 'Silla, but thank you for being concerned of me burning my mouth," Jigani giggles. Oecilla blushes, a little embarrassed.

    "Speaking of a certain concerned tripod, mind sharing with us what you and Oecilla talked about, Kaseki-kun?" The blonde twin asks, quickly but carefully wrapping her arm around Kasekimaru's neck without spilling the tea. Kasekimaru's eyes dart at a deeper smirking Oecilla who blushed even darker after hearing the question.
    "A-are you OK with this, Oecilla-san?" Kasekimaru politely asks. Oecilla jumps a little.

    "Huh, what? Oh um, sure Kasekimaru...and no need for formalities," Oecilla affirms, teetering left and right a little.
    "Alright, so here's the thing. As we all know, Oecilla can be a shy timid woman, but her reason behind this feeling is all because she was concealing her thoughts. We all do it, right? But Oecilla is a well-read individual. She constantly plays scenarios in her head, worrying about each negative outcome that could come up, and I don't blame her. Jigani is her best friend, a friend that she constantly spent time with in her earlier years. At some point when Oecilla's deeper feelings for her best friend had formed, she had to conceal them. The thought of letting Jigani know at the time felt to be detrimental to their standpoint as best friends. She couldn't let her know. She wanted to, but what if the 'scenario' fell through? The only way she could show and tell Jigani how she felt was in a dire situation and What more of a dire situation than of today," Kasekimaru wipes a single tear from his eye and takes a sip of his tea, Tsudouri gently patting his back.

    "Everything that Kasekimaru has said is true," Oecilla begins, "It could be a little simpler going up to someone you've just acquainted with and developing an infatuation for said someone, but circumstances change when the feelings of love don't start as an infatuation. I hate that a situation like this had to happen to a friend. My best friend. A friend that I couldn't bear to lose. Back when I first got adopted, I was happy that I was finally going to a loving and caring home, but I was sad that I was going to be away from my best friend. Years later when I heard the news from Father that Jigani was adopted by the Wakobe's heart jumped for joy! I was going to be united with my best friend again!" Oecilla pauses for a moment to catch her breath, "Though I was happy, I still had my worries. By this point, my feelings for Jigani had already surpassed friendship, and that posed a problem. I couldn't just let Jigani know...I had to see if I could...coax some thoughts. But nothing worked! She was unfazed! It's almost as if she was unaware! And things would get even more awkward if I just flat-out told her! we are. Horrible circumstances and me yelling nonsense during them." Oecilla guiltily scratches the back of her head. Jigani slowly tries to set herself up on the couch. Oecilla quickly gets up to help.

    "It's okay, it's okay," Jigani begins, "I just want to say that I apologize to you, Kaseki, and my sisters for telling a bold-faced fib having a crush on Kaseki. I was covering for some feelings of my own...but let me explain something. I have the power to be able to sense deep emotions of others; however, I haven't had much experience with the 'love' emotion. I promise to you 'Silla that if I wasn't 'getting' things you were doing or hinting at, then it's my fault and I apologize. What you said out on the field today rang in my ears and opened my eye! I knew we were best friends, but maybe my mind didn't receive some of your thoughts or intentions as a form of affection because you concealed and restrained them really well! Really well! Ya know what though? I strongly admire your bravery. As I've said before, I don't fully grasp the concept of love yet, but Oecilla..." With the quickest burst of energy she could muster, "With you, I am willing to learn!" Jigani dives toward Oecilla like a torpedo, surprising the tripod and knocking over her tea.

    "Wow,now that's a next-level confession if I ever did witness one!" Margaret hops up from the floor and claps.

    "Ack Jigani, and the tea!" Michi worries as she tries to get up, failing to with her sister smiling and staying put.

    "'Twas totally worth it, Sis."


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