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    Margaret runs toward the injured monocular, noticing two girls already knelt beside the victim.
    "What's the status report? Will Jigani be okay?" Margaret kneels beside the blonde.
    "Her cheek is swollen from the fierce blow, and she's scuffed from the landing," Sara begins.
    "but with an ice-pack, some bandages, and rest, she should be just fine. We'll make sure to take good care of our sister when we get back! By the way--I'm Tsudouri, and this is Sara," Tsudouri finishes, introducing her sister and herself.
    "Oh my apologies, My name is Margaret. I'm friends with Jigani and Oecilla. Nice to meet you both! This is maybe my second or third time meeting conjoined twins in person," Margaret apologizes and introduces herself.
    "Well looks like it'll be your third or fourth time pretty soon because those foxes over there? They're our mothers," Sara smirks while explaining, pointing at the kitsune.
    "Whoa wait, not only was conjoinment hereditary, but your parents are also foxes?!" Margaret exclaims in astonishment.
    "Iiiit's a long story. We'll be sure to tell you at a time when circumstances aren't so bad," Tsudouri scratches the back of her neck.
    "Right, so what should we do?" Margaret asks.
    "Well as of now, we're waiting on our boyfriend to get back with help. It feels like it's been over thirty minutes though," Sara explains.
    "Let me guess, your boyfriend is also conjoined, yeah?" Margaret jokes. Tsudouri giggles.
    "No, no, he's a Normie. Just a timid guy with a big heart," Tsudouri replies.
    "--Who happens to own a couple of magical lizards that grow and shrink at will and call," Sara finishes. Margaret rises with a baffled expression on her face, backing up slowly with her palms forward.
    "That's a little OP!" Margaret giggles.

    The kitsune approach Terri with caution, growling softly and scraping their front paws.
    "(Let the girl go!)" Sakura snarls.
    "Not a chance, foxy-fangs, this is a matter between me and my niblings!" Terri snaps back.
    "(This young lady has nothing to do with Kasekimaru and Yoshino! You're just sore about the past and have everything against us and our family!)" Michi objects.
    "Not as sore as you after realizing I wasn't your precious Mariku. Aaahahahahahahahahahahaa!" Terri laughs with his hands on his sides.
    "(IT'S MAKIRU DAMN IT!)" Michi bucks in frustration.
    "Ohoo, struck a nerve, have I? Well, what are you vixens gonna do about it, 'uh? Come at me! I'm growing bored of the wait anyway!" Terri gets on all fours, bracing himself for future attacks.
    "(Sister no! We can't attack yet! We have to wait! This isn't our battle!)" Sakura resists.
    "(I'll kill'em, Sakura! I'll fuckin' KILL'EM! He's not gonna get away with badmouthing the one I love!)" Michi restlessly jerks around.
    "(He's my love too, ya know! You can't let'em get to you! We have to be level-headed. He wants us to lose our minds...Recklessness equals failure...)" Sakura tries to calm her sister sister with reassuring words.

    "What's going on?" Margaret hears the yelling and snarling.
    "That asshole Terri is tryin' to rile up our parents more than they already are. He knows that their anger will cause them to lose focus. He makes me sick..." Sara replies, clinching her fist.
    "Where are yoooou, Kasekimaruuuuuu?" Tsudouri worries. Jigani groans, slowly opening her eye.
    "Uuwha...where am I? Jigani becomes conscious. The three girls quickly aim their gaze at the coming-to monocular.
    "Sis, you're awake!" Tsudouri exclaims.
    "How are you feeling?" Sara asks.
    "How many fingers am I holding up?" Margaret asks as she shows three fingers from her spinal hand. Jigani weakly looks around at the the group engulfing her.
    "I don't...I...why does my face hurt? And the answer is three fingers," Jigani rubs her face with her right hand.
    "You took a pretty bad hit and a harsh fall, but everything's being taken care of. We're gonna get you home and get this Terri guy to leave us all alone," Sara explains.
    "Oecilla's pretty worried about you as well, but she's in a predicament at the moment," Margaret tell the monocular.

    "Look, it doesn't look like you're going to release me any time soon, so at least grant me a request," Oecilla begs.
    "A request? Do I look like a DJ on a radio station to you," Terri replies.
    "You know what? Screw you, ya inconsiderate bloke! I've been apart of this bluh'y nonsense for quite enough now! JIGAAAANNNNIIIII!" Oecilla begins to yell, bolting for best friend.
    "Hey, get back he-wha-," Terri is cut off by an obstructing action by the kitsune.
    "(Touch her and you die, right here; right now!)" Michi snaps.
    "Silly coyote, don't forget who's bigger than who here," Terri angrily smirks as he begins to transform.


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